Regulatory action – Orbit Engineering Limited

Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and associated regulations, various levels of regulatory action can be taken by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment.


March 15, 2019

Update to regulatory action issued to Orbit Engineering Limited

On March 15, 2019, the CNSC confirmed that Orbit Engineering Limited had complied with all the terms and conditions of the order issued on March 7, 2019. The corrective measures implemented by the company were reviewed and found to be satisfactory by CNSC staff.

March 7, 2019

Order to Orbit Engineering Limited

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has issued an order to Orbit Engineering Limited, a company based in Brampton, Ontario. The company holds a CNSC licence authorizing the possession, transfer, use and storage of portable nuclear gauges for the purpose of measuring compaction and moisture content in materials.

The basis of the order includes:

  • the CNSC inspection conducted in January 2019 at the company’s Brampton facility, during which the inspector identified non-compliances with the management oversight of the radiation protection program and non-compliances related to prescribed records, worker training and worker dose monitoring
  • the CNSC inspection conducted in March 2019 at the Brampton facility, where it was seen that the company did not have adequate management oversight of the radiation protection program, and that corrective measures for a number of the non-compliances identified in the January inspection had not been implemented

The order requires the licensee to cease all use of its portable nuclear gauges and to make immediate provisions to secure and store them until it can demonstrate, to the CNSC’s satisfaction, that there is an effective management oversight of the radiation protection program and that all non-compliances identified in the inspection reports for the inspections conducted in January and March have been corrected.

The CNSC requires these measures in order to protect the health and safety of workers, the public and the environment.

Read the order (PDF)

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