Regulatory action – Kodiak Quality Control Ltd.


November 30, 2020

Summary of regulatory actions issued to Kodiak Quality Control Ltd.

On November 30, 2020, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) arranged the seizure and safe storage of all radioactive material possessed and stored by Kodiak Quality Control Ltd., a company based in Rockwood, Ontario. The company previously held a CNSC licence, which expired on October 31, 2020, that authorized it to possess, transfer, export and store nuclear substances and prescribed equipment for distribution purposes.

The CNSC took these measures following a series of regulatory actions issued to the company in efforts to ensure the adequate security of the radioactive material in its possession. These regulatory actions include orders issued in December 2019 and October 2020, as well as an administrative monetary penalty of $2,770 issued in March 2020. The CNSC did not previously communicate these actions to the public to ensure that security was not compromised.

The CNSC was involved at every step, closely monitored the situation to ensure the security of the radioactive material, and escalated enforcement when necessary. The radioactive material has now been placed into safe and secure storage, and the company’s Guelph, Ontario, location has been safely decommissioned.

The CNSC has determined that the terms and conditions of Order Nos. 1209 and 0841 have been met and has therefore closed those orders. At present, taking into account the special circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, all orders will be removed from this web page upon closure. All closed orders remain available for consultation in our annual regulatory oversight reports.

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